Container shipping is simple and economical with Cargomaxx Logistics, utilizing truck, rail, and/or ship. Allow us to assist you in securing the most competitive rates for your cargo.

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What Is a Shipping Container? 

What exactly is containerization? For decades, containerization has served as the backbone of international ocean freight shipping. Sea cargo containers significantly decrease the cost and transit times for international and domestic shipments.

Sea cargo container shipping companies are responsible for moving approximately 90% of non-bulk cargo overseas. Containerization also plays a substantial role in intermodal shipping, which refers to the transportation of freight using rails and trucking

When containers reach ports, they need to be transferred onto other modes of transportation (additional ships, rails, or trucks) to reach their final destination. Most are robust, closed steel boxes for dry freight or general purposes. However, there are also refrigerated sea cargo containers, tank-in-frame containers specifically used for liquids, and other types of specialized containers.

Containerization enables shipping companies like Cargomaxx Logistics to transport sea cargo containers without ever having to handle the cargo inside. This considerably reduces the likelihood of damaged or lost freight during transit. Sea cargo containers will be directly moved onto rail carts or trucks and delivered to their destination promptly and efficiently. 

With Cargomaxx Logistics, you can be assured of a seamless and cost-effective container shipping experience.

How Can Cargomaxx Help?

A freight logistics company like Cargomaxx Logistics typically makes arrangements for shipping sea cargo container shipments. We can organize the transportation of goods from the point of origin to the final destination, managing all required modes of transportation to ensure the delivery of the shipment within the arranged timeframe.

Cargo container carriers are more limited than LTL carriers and necessitate comprehensive information to arrange the correct transport method. Let Cargomaxx Logistics handle this task for you! We can assist in pairing you with the best carrier suited to your specific requirements. 

Reach out to one of our freight agents for help with your container requirement today by calling (847) 228-7860.

Why Choose Cargomaxx for Container Shipping

  • Wide network of carriers: Cargomaxx Logistics boasts partnerships with an extensive range of carriers. This enables us to offer a variety of shipping options at competitive rates.
  • Expertise in container shipping: With deep experience and expertise in container shipping, wecan provide guidance on everything from choosing the correct container size to navigating customs regulations.
  • Technology-driven approach: Cargomaxx uses advanced technology to streamline the shipping process. This includes activities like getting quotes and tracking shipments, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors.
  • Flexibility and customization: Our team offers flexible shipping options and can tailor solutions to meet specific needs. Whether they involve expedited shipping, specialized handling, or other requirements, we’re here to help.
  • Excellent customer service: Cargomaxx Logistics has a reputation for delivering exceptional customer service. Our team of experts is available to answer questions and resolve issues throughout the shipping process.

In summary, the combination of a wide carrier network, expertise, cutting-edge technology, flexibility, and outstanding customer service makes Cargomaxx Logistics a formidable choice for your container freight shipping needs.