Full Container Drayage & Transloading Chicago

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Get fast, flexible Drayage solutions with a partner who knows the people and the players to get your freight where you need it to go.

Nationwide Drayage Service Network

Cargomaxx Logistics drayage transload domestic service

Coast to coast, we cover every port and railhead in the country.

Cargomaxx Logistics provides top-tier drayage services in Chicago, Illinois. Our team helps you manage the entire process. Container drayage and logistics services include:

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  • Expedited Drayage
  • Import & Export Drayage
  • Short and Long Distance Drayage
  • Transloading
  • Overweight, Tri-axle, & Multi-axle Chassis
  • Specialized services, including HAZMAT & Reefers

Our Drayage Services in Chicago & Beyond

At Cargomaxx Logistics, we offer drayage services for a broad range of cargo. No matter the shape or size of your freight, we provide you with the storage and transportation solutions needed to optimize your supply chain.

Backed by years of experience, we have the resources to provide your business with an effective solution. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can serve you. 

Reliable Logistics from a Trusted Team

For the reliable transportation of materials and goods, whether locally or across the nation, you need a professional, efficient team. More than a Chicago drayage company, Cargomaxx offers full-service logistics solutions. No matter your need, our team is ready to help you improve your supply chain and your bottom line.

When you want your cargo handled by a professional, reliable team, call Cargomaxx Logistics. Once we understand your needs, we can provide a personalized solution at a scale that suits you.

What is Container Drayage?

The definition of drayage is the transportation of freight from an ocean port to a destination. Drayage is a vital component of the container shipping industry, and choosing a company with experience is crucial.

Is Intermodal Drayage Different?

Intermodal drayage specifically refers to drayage that occurs between different forms of transportation. From the port, the next step might be the delivery of the cargo to a warehouse. There, a team can consolidate the freight.

It can be loaded and readied for the next leg of its journey if it’s a full truckload. However, LTL cargo may be stored temporarily and grouped with other freight. Please get in touch with our team if you’d like to inquire about our secure storage facility.

The Benefits of Chicago Transloading Services

Transloading presents a range of significant benefits that enhance supply chain efficiency and effectiveness. Foremost, it enables the transportation of goods via a combination of various modes—such as trucks, ships, and trains—optimizing cost and reducing delivery times. By consolidating and deconsolidating cargo, transloading can improve cargo handling, thereby increasing load efficiency and decreasing transportation costs.

Additionally, it expands options for storage, permitting more flexible inventory management. Furthermore, transloading can help businesses bypass port congestion and penetrate new markets that may be otherwise inaccessible, thereby broadening commercial opportunities.

By capitalizing on the advantages of each mode of transport and leveraging the strategic placement of transloading facilities, businesses can streamline their supply chains, making them more robust and adaptive to the dynamic global trade environment.

The Importance of Drayage Services

To many, drayage is a small part of the process. However, it is still an integral part of logistics and vital to supply chain management.

Transporting a container from ship to shelf is like a row of dominoes. If the first domino doesn’t fall correctly, it affects the entire row.

In a real-world scenario, you may consider Amazon Prime’s 2-Day Shipping. But, again, drayage plays a vital role in the process, as the “first mile” sets the tone for the remainder of the journey.