Fulfillment By Amazon: Know Before You Go

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) allows you to leverage Amazon’s robust distribution network and customer base. FBA is not just for orders placed on Amazon.com. You can also use it to fulfill orders from your own site. For all of your sales channels, Amazon stores your inventory in its fulfillment centers and fulfills orders as they are placed.

FBA allows sellers of all sizes to ship items to Amazon distribution centers and continues to grow in popularity. Small, third-party merchants account for 58% of paid units sold on Amazon. But as FBA has grown in popularity (approximately 52% YoY), it has grown in complexity as well.

Here are the 3 biggest things you’ll want to consider before you start using FBA:

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Merchants can struggle with preparing and shipping their items to Amazon’s fulfillment centers. A third-party logistics provider like Cargomaxx can reduce unexpected fulfillment and shipping costs without the merchant losing control over the process.

Merchants that sell through Amazon’s platform must conform to Amazon’s strict and rigorous standards for packing and shipping products. Failing to adhere to FBA rules and regulations can cost you money, create customer service nightmares, and even get you black-listed from Amazon all-together.

Reduce unexpected delays and costs using Cargomaxx to manage your FBA shipping